Salmon pie from Alaska that makes you warm!


Pie with salmon


Smoked salmon
Fresh cheese
Sour cream
Quail eggs


1. Blanch the spinach in water or roast it in a pan on olive oil, cool and squeeze out any excess water.

2. Dip the butter and coat the pan. Put 2 crusts in the pan and dress them with butter. Dissolve fresh cheese with cream and season with salt, pepper, fresh skewer, fresh boar and add one egg.

3. Mix the bark and mix the layers of crusts with butter and mixture. Add the spinach to the last layer of the mixture and add the remainder of the mixture. Beat, ripen, sprinkle the olive oil and squeeze on the stove.

4. When the crust catches the color, put the pan into the oven at 200 degrees for about 30 minutes. At the end of the end, put the egg yolks on the pail and shorten it in the oven. To the finished pile, put smoked salmon.

Are you warm now? Yes, You are! – around your heart ❤



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