Fish roasted in salt – A true Oregon dream!


Salted fish is a simple recipe that can be mastered by the largest amateurs. It is easy to prepare and guarantees the great taste that will be enjoyed by the greatest sea lovers.



The salt can boil any kind of fish, but it makes sense if you prepare large fish pieces (weighing more than a kilogram). Do not worry, salt around the fish will not get into its flesh – on the contrary, the taste will be divine.

Ingredients for fish roasted in salt:
1 large white fish 2 kilograms
1 lemon
2-3 cloves of garlic
some parsley
2 kg of salt
2 egg whites
2 dcl of water

1. Clean the fish from the shell. Put the pieces of purified garlic in the fish, sliced parsley and lemon slices.

2. Remove any excess liquid from the surface of the paper towel by means of a paper towel.

3. Separate egg whites from egg yolks. From the egg whites, swipe with firm snow, add water and all the salt and make a firm mixture.

4. Spread half the salt mixture on the bottom of the baking sheet. Place the fish over the mixture and cover the entire fish with the rest of the salt.


The fish should be completely covered with salt salt before baking (Photo: Stockfood)


5. Place the oven in a heated oven at 180 to 200 degrees for about an hour. (Adjust the weight of the fish according to the calving time, which makes the fish lighter, and the time of thermal treatment is shorter)

6. Break off the mixture of salt from the salt with the help of a knife, remove all the salt from the fish and use it with the usual ingredients. Good apetite!




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