Cheese, camembert and chardonnay – What a rhapsody from heart of Manhattan !


Wine can additionally enhance the taste of food, and well-affected couples of food and wine provide real sensory pleasures …



To enjoy a tasty evening or maybe surprise your guests, sometimes the kitchen is as complicated as it may be. Cheeks of cheese, especially those fried, prepare for a recipe that will win you with simplicity and even more delight in the flavors.

1 pack of Camembert cheese (250 grams)

Spices (optional):
Light red pepper, spicy paprika, a little salt and pepper and just drop, two olive oil


1. Boil the oven to 180 ° C for as long as it needs to warm up, prepare the cheese. Take it out of the foil, but save the wooden frame that comes with it, as you will burn it in it.
2. Cut the thin part of the cheese surface, only on the upper part. Cut cheese into several places with the tip of the blade and sprinkle with the desired amount of spice. Finish with a few drops of olive oil, return to the wooden frame and bake in the oven for 15 to 20 minutes or until melted.

(During cooking, the cheese will squeeze and so as not to smelt the oven, place the cheese on a larger piece of aluminum foil to prevent leakage on the oven grilles)

Use your own spice combinations


We’ve created a cool combination of spices, and you can also try a combination of rosemary and fresh garlic that you put into the grooves you made with the knife.

A wonderful combination of scent of spices and hot cheese, will start spreading very quickly with the kitchen, and our guests looked curious when they could taste it. Make Camembert baked on the breaded bread.

Choose the appropriate wine

Wine can additionally enhance the taste of food, and well-affected couples of food and wine provide real sensory pleasures. For soft cheeses like Camembert, which is harder, we want to find a wine that will make it easier with its freshness and acids to make fat cheese. As Camembert is smoky and aromatic, we will be careful that the wine is also more complex – and that it follows the smells of melted cheese.

Our proposal is aged and dry white wine.

It is more and more difficult to combine creamy cheeses and desserts with sparkling wines. Although we do not feel them, all sparkling wines have acidic acids that slice through greasy foods, and bubbles also make it easier for fatty snacks like this.
If you opt for sparkling wine, dial dry – marked as brut-natural, extra brut or brut.



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