How a real survivor makes almond milk at home!


Almond milk is an excellent alternative for people who are suffering from classic cow’s milk, but also for those who avoid animal products in their diet.



Almond milk can be purchased at a store or prepared at home. To make almond milk, only two ingredients are needed, as well as some will and effort.

Ingredients for almond milk:
100 grams of unpeeled almonds
1 liter of common water

1. Pour almonds with some boiling water and leave them about half a minute.

2. Wash almonds with cold water and remove from their surface all the shells and impurities (so they remain white).

3. Put the prepared almonds in the juicer and gently mix it with the addition of 1 liter of cold water. From the juicer will come out a healthy almond milk that you can strain through the cotton goblet if needed.

Tip plus:
Keep the domestic almond milk in the fridge for up to 48 hours. Drink it cold or lightly warm, but do not cook it.



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