Innards ( thymus ) for courageous cowboys – USA forgotten meal


Brizla, crown or latino names are for the chest breast of the calves, which rarely can be found in the shepherds. No, with careful preparation, this innermost dish turns into the finest specialty.

Brizla or thymus, a gland that is just about 800 grams in a newly-weighed calves, and decreases until it reaches the size of the walnut (in a pot of about 500 kg). At the beginning it is a beautiful glandular texture (up to a weight of approximately 150 kg), and then it starts pretending to be in the yoke that it would be unviable to the slaughter bats. The price is in line with that, and our fellows are usually regarded as silly nuts, while in France they are far above this price, and they call it “Ris de veau”. But today, its hard to found it in a butchery.



Whatever is younger, it is the breast gland larger and more tasty for consumption. For years, this gland diminishes, hardens and loses its gastronomic appeal.

This is just one of the reasons why a good piece of brizle is equally difficult to find, as well as gold. If you are lucky, prepare it as follows.

Ingredients for cooked brizles:
Freshly brizled
2 eggs
some flour
the bread crumbs
vegetable oil

Preparation of cooked broth:
1. Wipe off the cauldron from the opal and the stalk as best as possible.

2. In hot water, briefly blanch to soften.

3. Blanch the brizs into slices, about 1 centimeter thick. Dry them with a paper towel.


If calf is younger, they grew bigger and more delicious.


4. Brizle in flour, in razzed eggs, and in crunches. Peel the panched chops in deep oil for a few minutes until it becomes crunchy and inside soft and juicy.

By a very similar principle, the brain is prepared.

5. Serve with green salad and tartar sauce. Good apetite!

Tip Tip: If you have a brave folk, do not reveal what you have prepared for them until the meal is eaten until the end.




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