Old Alabama vegetable stew with beef


Beef with a beef is an excellent idea when eating something “specifically” with a spoon. Best of all, the food is cooked ‘just’ without too much of your checking.



Ingredients for beef cattle:
1 kg of beef without bone (worse pieces of meat here are the advantage)
1 tablespoon of oil
3 tablespoons butter
150 grams finely chopped harbor
50 grams of flour
1 leaf of laurel
1 teaspoon thyme
1 teaspoon of marjoram
1 liter of beefsteak or plain water
4 large potatoes
4 big carrots
¼ yellow beets
3 smaller trotters
400 ml tomatoes from cans
200 grams of frozen peas or pumice
100 grams of sliced ​​fresh parsley
salt and pepper as desired

1. Cut the beef into cubes of about 4 centimeters, dry them well with a paper towel and roll them all over for a few minutes on oil and butter until they become dark brown.

Beef soup is cooked for a few hours at a moderate temperature to make the meat soft and soft.

2. Remove the meat from the pot, and put the onion on the same fat until it becomes golden.

3. Add flour and mix quickly until all the breams disappear from the mixture and the flour also becomes yellow.

4. Feed the mixture with beef root or water, return the meat to the pot and add the bay leaf, thyme and marjoram. Cook for about 60 to 90 minutes until the meat softens at moderate temperature.

5. Add chopped pieces of similar size to cleaned potatoes, carrots, beets, and trotters as well as chopped tomatoes in cans, and then cook for about another half an hour.

6. Five minutes before the end of the cooking season, add frozen peas or pumice and season together with fresh parsley, salt and pepper. Good apetite!



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